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Kota Bahru has many mosques. However, there are 2 most important mosques in Kota Bahru.

Al-Muhammadi Mosque is the State Mosque of Kelantan, situated along Jalan Sultanah Zainab in Kota Bahru. It was built in 1867 during the reign of Sutan Muhammad II. In 1922, this mosque was renovated into concrete building. In 1931, it was officially opened by Sultan Ismail and named Muhammadi Mosque.

From the time Al-Muhammadi Mosque was built until 1960s, it was used as a centre for religious teachings. Now, this mosque is used as a normal mosque for daily prayers and also state Islamic celebrations or festivals. It has a clock and at least 2 minarets.

Kampung Laut Mosque is the oldest mosque in Kelantan, situated in Nilam Puri, not far south of Kota Bahru city centre. This mosque was originally located in Kampung Laut, Tumpat, where it got its name. Due to a flood in 1967, the river banks where it previously stood collaped. In 1968, this mosque was shifted to its present site.

It is believed that Kampung Laut Mosque was built by Islamic missionaries in the 15th century due to its structural similarities to the Demak Mosque in Java that was built in 1401 and also Kono Mosque in Champa. It was said that the Islamic scholars used to travel from Java to Pattani to Champa. During one of their journey, their ship had problems and they vowed to build a mosque if they could land somewhere safely, which they did at Kampung Laut, Tumpat.

Originally, Kampung Laut Mosque was just a small shed with attap roof. Due to development from 18th century onwards, this mosque underwent expansion. It was built with hard cengal wood without using a single nail but wooden or bamboo pegs were used as replacements. Currently, it has a main prayer building with its 3-tier roof, an old fashion minaret and many resting shed.

Al-Baroah Mosque is situated in Kota Bahru city centre very near to the Siti Khadijah Bazaar. I found this site interesting because of an impressive toilet building that has a golden dome on its top. This very mosque-like toilet building sits between Siti Khadijah Bazaar and this mosque.

There are other mosques in Kota Bahru. In fact, there is one which is quite big just before the Kampung Laut Mosque in Nilam Puri. Lastly, kindly help keep Kelantan clean by throwing your rubbish into proper places.
Al-Muhammadi Mosque from Tengku Anis Bazaar
Al-Muhammadi Mosque
Parking Area outside Grand Palace with Al-Muhammadi Mosque at the back
Parking Area outside Grand Palace
Kampung Laut Mosque
Kampung Laut Mosque
Inside Kampung Laut Mosque
Inside Kampung Laut Mosque
Al-Baroah Mosque
Al-Baroah Mosque
Siti Khadijah Market
Siti Khadijah Market

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