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Modern Olympic Games started in 1896 and was held in Athens, Greece. It is one of the most important sports event in the world and is held 4 years once. To me, any athlete that can win an olympic medal twice consecutively is a real good athlete because it shows the staying power of the athlete, a real champion.

The first Olympic Games is considered an ancient Olympic Games. It started around 776 BC and was held in Olympia. Initially, it was a one day event but it got extended to more days, I guess due to to increased in participants. It has only a few events such as running, long jump, shot put, javelin, boxing, pankration and equestrian.

The ancient Olympic Games was open to all free male Greeks. Only unmarried women are allowed to watch. The winner received his first award, a palm branch and a red ribbon tied on his head immediately when he was announced the winner. The official award ceremony would take place at the temple of Zeus and on the last day. The judge would then announce the name of the winner, his father's name and his homeland. There was no medals yet. Only the sacred olive tree wreath on the winner's head.

The myths / story about olympic games was about Idaios Daktylos Herakles. Heracle or Hercules as he was more well known was a demigod in greek mythology. He staged games in Olympia to honour his father, Zeus. was created with sub-base theme on ancient Greek Gods. If you look at the first sub-directories of, you will see the name of ancient Greek Gods or ancient Greek places.

As intends to keep its sub-directories and names to only eight alphabets, names that are longer than eight alphabets will be shortened.

Athena was the special god in Greek mythology due to the way she was born. I think she was a wise and smart goddess like her 'mother', therefore a good warrior.
The olympic games that I went to was the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

When I was in Beijing, the people told me that I must get the olympic games tickets from my home country. I thought that I could get tickets at the games venue on the game days. So, when I was there in Beijing, I could not enter any games venue. The areas surrounding the stadiums were all closed to public. :-(

I was pretty disappointed so I decided to go visiting places. In a way, I was very lucky. On my way to the zoo, I passed by a building that shows a brief history of modern olympics. It was good of the organisers to have a place to show such things. I got to buy stamps from many countries all over the world and some souvenirs at this site.

I managed to buy many Beijing Olympic's souvenirs, ranging from keychains to refrigerator magnets to button badge to soft toys to bookmarks to pens and playing cards. Most cheap souvenirs, I have. Some shops there offered replicas of the Beijing Olympic torch but it was expensive.

When I was in Beijing, I sent one post card everyday back to my parents in Penang, Malaysia. The post office was very near the place I stayed.
The second olympic games that I went to was the 2012 London Olympic Games.

2012 London Olympic Games was the same as 2008 Beijing in the sense that all olympic games sites were closed to public except to those that got tickets.

Like all major cities in the world, transportation is good. Subways for trains and brochures for trains systems are easily obtained and well documented. In fact, when I was at both places, I walked a lot from one place to another.

On the other hand, olympic souvenirs in London were sold by just 2 to 3 authorised agents only. In Beijing, there were may shops selling olympic souvenirs which are genuine. I bought 2 souvenirs from a road side for less than 5 yuen. However, I lost them, dropped from my bag when I was in Malaysia.

Also souvenirs were expensive in London, actually due to the exchange rate (About Rm5/= for £1/=). I managed to get some keychains, button badges, pens, bookmarks and one wenlock soft-toy from the souvenirs sites.

However, I got many 50 pence button badges and some bookmarks from the tourist sites that I visited.

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